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Adv. Racheli Harary-Lifschits

Founder & partner

Adv. Harary-Lifshits, founding partner and expert in private and collective labor and employment law. Adv. Harary-Lifshits possesses vast experience and expertise in:

  • Providing solutions for complex labor law and employment centred disputes.
  • Handling unique and highly complex employment and labor law centred legal matters.
  • Working with international corporations and employers who have operations in Israel.
  • Handling the specialized needs of hi-tech companies and start-ups, tailoring the solutions to their individual needs and activities.
  • Representing leading groups and companies in the market with her specialized insights into strategic labor and employment consulting.
  • Handling the employment and labor law aspects of commercial and corporate transactions, mergers & acquisitions, large-scale investments, and corporate restructuring.
  • Recruitment, termination, and retirement processes of executives.
  • Handling and advising on pension and retirement insurance, employment outside of Israel, protection of trade secrets and intellectual property by employees and more.
  • Employment and labor related crisis situations.

Adv. Haray-Lifshits is considered as an expert in the field of prevention of sexual harassment and abuse at the workplace and frequently handles complaints of sexual harassment. She is highly sought after as an external examiner of sexual harassment complaints by many organizations and companies.

In addition, Adv. Harary-Lifshits is exceptionally adept in advising and handling an array of individual employment and labor related matters, such as executive employment and consulting agreements, specialized compensation and remuneration schemes, specialized matters concerning work hours and rest, media-sensitive cases, collective disputes, privacy at the workplace, protection of trade secrets and more.

Finally, Adv. Harary-Lifshits is a member of the Labor and Employment Committee of the Israel Bar Association, as well as a member of the Israeli Society for Labour Law and Social Security (an association joining together of labour and employment law practitioners, academics, and present and former labor law judges). She is a renowned and highly sought-after lecturer in various leading forums and seminars on labor and employment law.

Adv. Babish, founding partner and expert in private and collective labor and employment law. Adv. Babish possesses vast experience and expertise in the broad sphere of collective employment. This expertise includes, amongst others, initial collective organization efforts at the workplace, collective employment relations generally, precedential, complex and significant collective employment disputes in a host of central and leading bodies, strategic consulting in connection with efforts to organize collective employment relations and demands by labor unions to establish collective bargaining agreements covering sectors or individual organizations.

Naama’s reputation as a ‘shark’ litigator precedes her. She is known to being quick tongued, strategic, and surprising – with a proven track record in leading cases and disputes that appear as “lost causes” to swiping successes and precedential legal achievements through her ability to raise innovative and creative legal arguments.

In addition, Adv. Babish provides her clients with ongoing representation and advisory on the entire range of labor and employment matters and relations, such as, preparing employment and consulting agreements, executive level employment relations and agreements, retirement agreements, complex terminations of employment, sexual harassment and workplace abuse complaints, structural and organizational processes, mass layoffs and more.

Finally, Adv. Babish is a member of the Israeli Society for Labour Law and Social Security and a popular lecturer in professional conferences and further education programs organized and promoted by the Israel Bar Association and the Presidency of Business Organizations in Israel.

Adv. Naama Babish

Founder & partner

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